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Wow… What an amazing start to the day! 

A cold front will be swinging through this afternoon. That will help drop the humidity through the day. While it will still be warm, it is July by all means, it will be seasonable and much more comfortable the past few days or rather weeks.
Get outside and enjoy the weather today if you have a chance.
This evening will feel amazing to be outside. Take a nice little stroll after dinner or even first thing Thursday morning!
Have a great day!

You have to love cold fronts this time of the year. Most of the time they really help to mitigate that extreme heat, and today & Thursday will prove that. While we will still have temperatures in the 80s and 90s, the humidity won’t be so back, therefore those heat index values will not be reaching 100 degrees.
Pheeeeew…. but, it doesn’t last forever and we will experience more heat and humidity as we wrap up the week and head into the weekend.

The remnants of what was once category 5 Hurricane Beryl, will be swinging to our north. We aren’t looking for much in the way of rain, but the wind will be with us through the day and begin to relax through the evening hour. 
Enjoy this nice little summer time breeze!

The three maps below are for a 3 day rainfall outlook, 5 day rainfall outlook and a 7 day rainfall outlook, from left to right.
You can see how the rain will creep in through the Memorial Day Weekend.

has issued a risk for strong to severe storms around the region over the next three days.

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A look ahead!

The Weather Prediction Center sends out maps for long range temperatures and precipitation.
Here’s what the thinking is.

Here’s the latest climate data for the past month and year.