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Here we go!

That summer heat and humidity we all love so much will be moving in, beginning today. This is continue to strengthen over the next few days, making for the hottest weather of the summer season so far.


High pressure at the surface will be located along the southeastern coast. That puts us on the western side, which allows for that Gulf moisture to move in. This will increase the humidity, but as an upper level ridge builds in from the west, the temperatures will continue to climb. We will be trending nearly ten degrees above average, especially on Sunday. Sunday will be the hottest and most humid day of the summer, so far.

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has issued a risk for strong to severe storms around the region over the next three days.

The three maps below are for a 3 day rainfall outlook, 5 day rainfall outlook and a 7 day rainfall outlook, from left to right.
You can see how the rain will creep in through the Memorial Day Weekend.

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A look ahead!

The Weather Prediction Center sends out maps for long range temperatures and precipitation.
Here’s what the thinking is.

Here’s the latest climate data for the past month and year.