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What an amazing day ahead! We continue to have a bit of drier air in place. That will make today feel wonderful again, even though it’s still warm. But, in retrospect, it’s still trending below average for this time of the year. I say enjoy it because the heat and humidity really begin to build through the week and into the weekend.


Here’s the deal. A ridge of high pressure at the surface will drift east and lock up along the east coast as we end the workweek. That will be responsible for bringing in the Gulf of Mexico moisture. That is why our dew points will climb this week. But we are also looking at an upper level ridge of high pressure to move in aloft. That will bring in subsidence, or rather, sinking air. That is a warming and compressing airmass. That is why we will heat up. You combine those together and we will be dealing with heat indices in the mid to upper 90s through the weeknd. Yes, a little heat wave is moving in.

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has issued a risk for strong to severe storms around the region over the next three days.

The three maps below are for a 3 day rainfall outlook, 5 day rainfall outlook and a 7 day rainfall outlook, from left to right.
You can see how the rain will creep in through the Memorial Day Weekend.

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