As we step into the ever-changing realm of East Tennessee weather, this week promises a rollercoaster ride of atmospheric shifts. Today, anticipate a gradual retreat of clouds and a gentle descent in temperatures as the day progresses. Sunday welcomes us with open arms of high pressure, ushering in abundant sunshine and a noticeable rise in the mercury.

Monday’s forecast paints a picture of warmth intermingled with a gusty breeze, possibly setting the stage for a mountain wave event. Hold onto your hats as the winds pick up! Tuesday, however, brings a shift in the weather narrative, with a cold front barging in, heralding showers and the rumble of thunderstorms.

But fret not, for after the storm comes the calm. Wednesday through Friday promise a dry spell, courtesy of a dominant high-pressure system. And just in time for the Easter weekend, East Tennessee dons its best attire of sunshine and warmth, ensuring a delightful holiday stretch for all. So, whether you’re planning an outdoor egg hunt or a serene picnic, rest assured that East Tennessee’s weather is ready to play its part in crafting memorable moments.